About us


We are honored with your interest in Dhiyafah restaurant and Spa localizer Riyadh Located on the North Ring Road " Nakheel District".

The Project was conceived to be a leader in its class as an upscale leisure destination localizer hosting the best restaurants and Spa brands in the city.The Project will feature a Spa and destination restaurants with a variety of quizine from around the world in a traditional beautiful and social setting catering to the cultural sensitivities and social norms of Riyadh.

The project is designed by Arch. Abdulelah Al Mohanna. The developer and proverty manager is Design and build Real Estate. Funding for the project is provided by MEFIC (Middle east financial investment company).The localizer comes with a built up area of 20,000 SQM and is noteworthy for its striking nejdi inspired architecture from the Riyadh region, The layout takes into consideration the social norms while allowing comfortable flow of both patrons and staff to areas of interest , function and operation.

The developer has put as much emphasis on function as they have done with the form. Al dhiyafah has worked within the regulations of the municipality to maximize usable space by providing extensive terracing with relaxing surroundings thus increasing the number of covers than an operator with the knowledge that terraces are highly popular with Riyadh restaurant patrons and will therefore enhance their bottom line.

Best Regards, 

Dhiyafah Management